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I don't even miss you anymore, but I was thinking. I need to make sure this doesn't go away or get purged.

So I wanted to update.


A Damn Near Perfect Day

I don't know why, but I loved today.

Here's a rundown of possible reasons, all, oddly, revolving around work.

On Saturdays, I'm the go to guy for problems. I barely got any sales of my own, but I assisted with countless others. My co-workers come to me almost before they go to a supervisor. Part of this has to do with the fact that we are the best group in the building and pretty much run ourselves so the Sups on our end of the building leave us alone a majority of the time.

My supervisor asked ME when a good time for the group to go to lunch was. Like I get to decide these things. Seriously?

I got offered a position in the 'Dream Team'. Basically an elite group of agents who get to work on our best leads, at a different schedule. I'll be working 12p-8p during the week. I'll still get to hit full time hours, and go to school, and not feel like I have no time for a life.

I am super awesome. I am needed. I feel much better than I have in a year or so. Actually, right at a year. I felt this way when I worked at Shell. I was the go to guy in a crisis, if someone called out, I covered it.

So, maybe what I need, is to be needed, and to feel like I'm the best there is. I crave appreciation and recognition people!

Also, sexual activity for the first time in three months yesterday probably helped a lot.

Guess the Lyrics: What A Twist

so, thanks to baroque_n_roll i need to do this.

rules are simple, 20 songs, random lyrics from each, made even more random by filtering through Translation Party!.

I've played with TP before so I know the hilarity that may ensue, but here goes.

  1. You feel like making a hell of a mess on wheels black clothing

  2. You can express yourself, please do not cut yourself

  3. Now I have to say are not you a gold digger

  4. Run, run from the location of the pain

  5. She was fine, she had a bad Michael Jackson

  6. So I do want to live alone? If your breathing is very difficult

  7. I close the window of your car bust. I'm still celebrating together

  8. I want to eat your black cancer

  9. That, I think it is probably cooler than me

  10. Everybody's gettin the crank. I touch my junk boy

  11. A little sweet, simple I Anesthesiology

  12. Yes, sex can not always answer questions, it is not. Because the answer is yes.

  13. I'm miles from where you are, I lay on the ground cold. I set your arm to pick up my prayer.

  14. Know a little freak, really good Hollywood sucking cock

  15. She's my comb, her hourglass body behind the school, she saw a problem with milk

  16. And she, this [is not taking over Ah. Her tears like diamonds on the floor Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds

  17. And I hear you call my name I feel like having your house

  18. Glitter Street West. Silver worldwide. Everything is wet shine. This is all chrome.

  19. In his hand for me some hope pull pocket Matchbox 20 - Long Day

  20. I was miserable little man Scaramouche, Scaramouche is the case, please refer to Fandango Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

and some funnies along the way...Collapse )


Belly Burner

because i doubt my review will be approved by the site admin, I wish to share my thoughts here.

"I took the offer to get a second Belly Burner at 50% off. The order processed twice, and did not complete with the second belt at half price.

Customer Service has consistently had problems finding my order (either one of them), because it seems the order numbers included in the confirmation emails are different than what they actually use. It has taken 40 days from the order date to get someone to find my order and issue an authorization for the return of the second order.

Customer Service is also, as seems the norm these days, staffed by people who only speak English as a second language, but have names like Jen or Dale or Stephen.

On a good note, while the order was processed twice, I did receive two boxes. One with two belts as I ordered (M & L) and the other with two L belts, despite that the packing slip that said otherwise.

My experience with Belly Burner, it's website, and customer service, has been one I am not happy with. >:(

If you want a Belly Burner I'd recommend you drive to your nearest wal-mart or walgreens and pick one up for $20, save the hassle. "

my rainbow

Your rainbow is shaded orange.


What is says about you: You are a strong person. You appreciate a challenge. Others are amazed at how you don't give up.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


I have to share my drunk customer

So I got promoted. I'm selling a different service, and I'm getting commission. Today was day 3, and it sucked in comparison to day 2. But I had a high point.

Cue the drunk customer.

M = Me
DC = Drunk Customer

M: Hello, may I speak to [redacted]?
DC: Who is this?
M: My name is Daniel [redacted] with [redacted]. The reason for my call is that your [redacted] service was recently disconnected and I wanted to address any concerns you may have had.
DC: Who is this?
M: Daniel with [redacted]
DC: oh hey daniel [redacted]
M:(insert mundane customer stuff)
DC: Hey Daniel, hey Daniel [redated], you wanna dance?
M: sure I enjoy dancing.
DC: Lets do it... *he grunts and dances* Okay, did you dance?
M: Yeah
DC: okay back to your question....
(more mundane customer stuff)
DC: Hey daniel... do you know where my kid is?
M: er, no, i wasn't aware you had a kid... maybe he's asleep
DC: Maybe he is. - - Or maybe I'm just highly intoxicated...
M: Sounds like fun.
DC: Hells yeah, but back to your question...
(more customer stuff)
DC: okay okay, but I got one more question for you. you wanna know what I'm wearing.
M: ummm.....
DC: Well I'll tell you. I'm wearing a hat, and some suspenders and some carpenter jeans, and another propeller hat, and a dress and some elf shoes!
M: I, uh, I didn't know they still made carpenter jeans...
DC: Hells yeah, like chinos, but i can't wear chinos with this outfit, you ever wear chinos?
M: not since high school
DC: aww
M: Well it's been a pleasure talking with you tonight sir, I hope that if you ever change your mind about your [redacted] service you will give us a call back.
DC: OKay Daniel, will do. Oh hey, I got one more question for you.
M: Sure sir?
DC: You wanna dance some more? Can you moonwalk?
M: I'm not really coordinated enough for that...
DC: Lets do it! (He grunts rythmically likes he's trying really hard.) Did you do it?
M: Yeah, I almost tripped...
DC: Hells yeah!
M: Well sir thank you for talking with me, and you have a great night...


(and i almost just lost this post because my extra mouse button got clicked and sent my browser back a step.. fuck no.)

But I remember this call so vividly and it makes me giggle every time.

Nothing Special

I mean it, nothing entirely special happened today. I tanned, I worked, I spent some money.

Oh, except that I almost vomited a lung while at work. This is crap, I'm worried that it might turn into pneumonia... So I bought a bottle of nyquil cold & flu, gonna drink like two doses and maybe sleep for 20 hours, since I'm off work tomorrow.

I'd seriously be okay if my cough was less dry and more productive, but fuck, I just cough and cough and get nowhere except out of breath. But I wanted to post before I got delirious and shit.


Broke, but financially excited

I've been looking at this shit - at where I owe money.

I've made a plan so that even if I'm only making minimum wage, and only working 40 hrs a week, I can use half of my monthly pay to take care of all of my person-to-person debt within two years. I have 3 such debts - one will take a year to pay back, at which point that payment will be put toward getting rid of other debt. A second, with a larger payment will only take a year and two months, at which point that payment will go toward other debts.

If I am smart about this, I could be completely debt free by 2012. Though lets be optimistic and say 2013.

Let us even go so far as to say 2015. Because I do want to consider going to college, and if I can't get a scholarship, I'll have to get a loan. But this will have to take a back seat until I can get my credit rating up a bit. Which may require me to find some sort of low balance, high interest credit card. But I will need to be smart about this.

So orders of business?

Get back to BG
Get Job
Get Bank account of some sort somewhere
Work my ass off
Check into School

Speaking of school - you remember me talking about culinary arts? that is still a possibility, but I may also look into IT because I can get some kick ass certifications in 6 months. and then possibly actually have a career with computers! FUCK YES, i've thought about that since I was like 12.

Here's hoping that things work out this weekend so that I'm back in BG come Monday and I can get this ball rolling.

Love Thyself Movement

So, I'm thinking about me, what I want, what I need.

And in Honor of Valentines Day - the day of love, I'm going to designate February the start of my Love Thyself Movement.

I shall list 10 things that I want to do to better myself, and I will allow myself the rest of the month to not worry about these things. I may start early just to build a habit, but they aren't rules just yet.

This will be a growing list, I've not got 10 things just yet.

  1. No Brown Sodas

  2. At least 5% in savings

  3. Say 'no' at least twice a week

I challenge you to do this with me, think about yourself! What would make you happy, what can you do to help yourself be the best you can in this new decade?

god i laughed, plus i love the accent!

and! from with_gusto

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