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Blurring the Lines

Fantasy | Reality | Imagination

5 April 1983
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Things said about me or my writing. may or may not be taken out of context
"what got my attention, it was the flow, the cadence and descriptive nature of the writing." - sabatoa
"haunting." - Katherine Hall
"Yay, you're awesome!!!" - feeble_knees
"Squee! Awesome!" - starprincess035
"Fuck! That sucks!" - joyandthunder
"I dont think he's the anti-christ, although he doesnt help his case with some of the messianic quotes that are out there and his cult following." - sabatoa
"Brilliant!" - bezman
"Best idea ever." - joyandthunder
".Idk some of the stuff is just wicked cool" - "lj user="alanshepard">
"Good for you he's gay... bad for me! :)" - supashoppa
"I just thought that you must have a very strong personality to be able to be well adjusted." - octopusouphut
"this is super cute! love your journaling, so funny and so true! just love it!" - pookahbot
"hahaha....hilarious" - drown_in_sound

I change a little every day. Some days I just notice a build up.
I've had a rough life, but it's made me who I am, strong, determined, open, honest.

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